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A love story around sweets

We are thrilled to announce that the Bonne Maman family brand and the Cupcake Affair company are uniting. This will allow us to provide our consumers with memorable and timeless gourmand experiences, while preserving what made our common reputation: the importance of the human touch, authentic recipes, best quality ingredients and handmade products.

This may be surprising for you, and we totally understand. Let us invite you to either discover straight ahead our delicious Cupcakes, learn more about Bonne Maman or read about the new partnership below.


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The Cupcake Affair success story

It all started when a young couple of entrepreneurs created the first cupcake shop of Switzerland back in 2011 in Zurich, betting on the fact that this very traditional english-speaking world recipe would please the Swiss tastes. Little did they know they would then come to open 3 more locations in Aarau (2015), Basel (2014) and Bern (2013) along the following years. The new shops followed a growing popular demand for these colorful and delicious sweets, all prepared from our kitchen in Zurich by a little team of experimented and passionate bakers.


The Bonne Maman Heritage

« Bonne Maman » translates to mean “Grandmother” or “Granny”. The brand is aptly named as its products are always made from the best natural ingredients found in your (or your Grandmother’s) kitchen, using the same traditional recipes. Bonne Maman was born in France in 1971, created by the century old family business Andros. Since then and with consistent care, it has been nurturing a genuine sweetness universe along simple yet delightful products. It proposes a complete range of jams, dessert and pastries, distributed in Switzerland by Andros (Suisse) SA, a team of 18 persons based in Nyon (Vaud).


A new adventure begins

Looking to pursue a new adventure on their own, the Cupcake Affair founders searched for a partner who would secure and respect their legacy. They naturally trusted in Bonne Maman to do so. With the shops joining the Bonne Maman family, the extraordinary teams and cupcakes in place will remain a central piece of the guest experience, while benefiting from an extra culinary inspiration, and an improved choice of local and homemade food and beverages. The Bonne Maman iconic preserves, exclusive limited-editions and precious cookware will also become available for the shops’ customers.


Combining the best of Savoir-Faire

The first admirable accomplishment of this new operating structure was the world premiere opening of the new Bonne Maman Boutique & Café, in Winterthur earlier this year. The homelike shop opened its doors on Steinberggasse 47, proposing a mix of traditional and trendy handmade delicious recipes as well as a qualitative choice of cold and hot beverages. Far from standardized groups, the Bonne Maman tea room remains loyal to local products, suppliers and habits. Its warm atmosphere and caring team will make sure you have a cosy out of time break, alone or in good company.


Interested to learn more?

For any request about our shops please do not hesitate to contact us via our "contact" page. 

We are looking forward to providing you with sweet moments! 

The Bonne Maman & Cupcake Affair families